Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery

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The heart consists of arteries which serve as the passageways of the blood. The arteries  pump through the heart and produce oxygen. Normally, blood flows smoothly from the arteries to the heart and gives the person a healthy condition. A healthy person who  suddenly feels chest pains or angina may be a sign of narrowing artery or arteries supplying blood to  the heart. This may be caused by a person’s unhealthy lifestylewhich includes frequent smoking. It may also be caused by other illnesses such as diabetes or high blood pressure. The diabetic may have sticky blood on the onset of high content blood sugar which will cause blockage to the arteries.

During angina, the person’s artery lining is wrapped with plaque or oily substance. The fat deposited on the lining hasaccumulated through a period of time. Eventually, the artery surrounded by cholesterol is hardened and causes the blockage of blood flow to the heart. The person whose arteries are blocked experiences chest pain, which in some cases may lead to heart attack.

A person who is experiencing a heart attack should be immediately rushed to the hospital. A single artery blockage will require the patient to undergo coronary artery bypass graft surgery. It is a major surgery that deals with the heart’s artery. Bypass simply means that the blood flow must be diverted from the blocked artery and to the heart. The operation procedure requires the heart opened where a piece of vein taken out from other healthy vessels and is attached or grafted to the coronary artery to bypass the damaged or blocked blood vessel. After the surgery, the vein or artery which is attached to the coronary artery allows the normal bloodflow to the heart. Thus, the patient then breathes normally and feels better.

Preventing the patient from experiencing chest pain or angina again is undeniably the best expected outcome of the surgery. The patient’s heart eventually recovers from the heart attack and the coronary artery functions well. The result of coronary artery bypass graft surgery is considered and viewed as excellent on majority of the patients who had undergone this surgery. The chance of the patient to experience heart attacks in the future is diminished. After the different recovery period, patients can go back to their daily routines without any hassles. They’ll feel normal as if they have never undergone a coronary artery bypass surgery.

Although the surgery has shown a positive result, it is not assured that the coronary artery won’t be clogged again later. Studies have shown that the blockage of successfully bypassed coronary artery may reoccur at the duration of ten to fifteen years after the surgery. It means that the artery might still be blocked in the future. Moreover, there is also a chance that the other coronary artery of the patient will be also be blocked. The patient should continue prescribed medications and must live a healthy lifestyle. It requires the patient to quit smoking, eat healthy diet and exercise regularly.

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