Gastric Bypass in Mexico

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Recently, it’s become fashionable for world citizens to take a trip to India, Costa Rica, or Mexico to undergo gastric bypass surgery, as the operation tends to be much cheaper in these countries. For US citizens, undergoing gastric bypass in Mexico is, of course, the most obvious choice.

Even with the lower price, remember that gastric bypass surgery is a last resort. People who opt for gastric bypass surgery have generally exhausted all other options, and are in need of potentially life saving surgery to help control their weight problems.

And make no mistake, gastric bypass surgery can be life saving, but it is, invariably, life changing. After you undergo gastric bypass surgery, you will need to follow a strict diet, and you will need to adapt to a regular exercise routine. Make absolutely certain gastric bypass surgery is right for you, talk it over with your loved ones, your doctor, and any other experts or counselors you have access to. Gastric bypass is not a decision you can make on a whim, it must be approached after serious deliberation.

That said, if you’ve looked at all of your options and have definitely settled on gastric bypass surgery, don’t just pack your bags and make a run for the border just yet. You should arm yourself with some information that will allow you to make the best decision for your health. Here is a basic checklist for what you will want to do when searching for inexpensive gastric bypass surgery in Mexico…

Find a quality hospital

Make sure you are seeking help at a quality, all inclusive hospital. Low cost does not need to mean low quality, and when your health is on the line, you can’t afford to make the decision haphazardly or based solely on price.

Luckily, Mexico has some wonderful hospitals. There is a sort of misconception that Mexico has lower standards for medical professionals, but some studies have actually shown some Mexican health care services to be far superior to American health care services.

Some recommended hospitals include the Hospital Angeles in Tijuana. The staff speaks English and have experience with American patients. The hospital also has high standards with regards to their doctors and surgeons, including the requirement of being board certified.

Find an experienced surgeon

Know your surgeon, know their experience in the field, do your research. This is true if you’re getting an operation in the US, and it’s true if you’re getting an operation in Mexico.

Look for a hospital near a major airport

This is mostly for convenience, but also consider that you probably won’t want to spend three or four hours in a rental car or crowded bus driving back from the hospital after undergoing intensive surgery. The extra stress may even lead to gastric bypass complications and long term gastric bypass problems.

Don’t settle for the cheapest hospital in the area

A hospital charging absurdly low prices is usually a hospital with inexperienced staff and outdated equipment. You may wind up paying as little as half what you would pay for the operation in the US with a good hospital, but know that, by the simple rules of supply and demand, a hospital that provides better patient care can afford to charge more than less professional hospitals.

Medical Tourism

One final piece of advice, there is such a thing as a Medical Tourism Company if you’re looking into gastric bypass in Mexico. These are companies that will take care of all the things a traditional travel agent would, except that they specialize in people who are travelling for medical reasons. These services come highly recommended for the travelling surgery patient, as they will save you time and headaches, and will research doctors and hospitals for you, and recommend the best options for you to select from.

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