Gastric Bypass Weight Loss

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How to Achieve Post-Gastric Bypass Weight Loss

Gastric bypass weight loss is something that can be achieved through various gastric bypass procedures, but please keep in mind, surgery alone cannot keep you in shape.

Laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery will get you started, and it can save your life if you’re facing serious health risk or even mortality as a result of severe weight problems, but gastric bypass surgery is not a quick fix, it is not a one-time-fixes-everything answer to weight problems.

If you really want to kick obesity’s butt, it’s going to take serious, personal dedication to your health. You’re going to need to stick to a strong exercise routine, a strict, healthy diet, and a generally healthy lifestyle. The rewards are well worth the trouble.

Within the first six months, the average gastric bypass surgery patient may report losing anywhere from fifty to a hundred pounds, depending on the severity of their weight problem. However, it is just as easy to keep this weight on. Your stomach will be able to hold less food, but it’s still possible to stick to a fatty food, high sugar diet, and still remain obese long after a gastric bypass operation was completed successfully and without complication.

Addressing post gastric bypass diet needs for a moment…

You’re going to need to stick to liquids for the first few days after surgery. This is not so much to keep weight gain from occurring, rather, this is simply because your stomach isn’t ready for real food yet. At your doctor’s orders, you will advance from liquids to purees, to soft foods, and eventually back to normal foods.

However! These normal foods will have to be in much smaller portions than you may be used to. You will want to pay attention to chew your food more thoroughly for proper digestion, and you will want to avoid sugars when you can. Too much sugar in a post GBP, or Gastric Bypass Procedure patient’s stomach can result in dumping syndrome. If you don’t know what dumping syndrome is, it is exactly as the name implies. Dumping syndrome is one of the gastric bypass problems that results in diarrhea and anxiety.

Achieving gastric bypass weight loss is a personal endeavor which will require as much dedication as any fulltime job. Do not think that you can walk into a hospital big and walk out slim. That said, losing a lot of weight, very fast, is made much, much easier with the help of gastric bypass surgery, but let’s make it clear that gastric bypass is not cosmetic surgery, it is not for vanity. Gastric bypass surgery should only be considered when your weight is seriously threatening your health, or even your life.

Talk about your options with your doctor, with your loved ones, and with yourself long before committing to anything as serious and life changing as gastric bypass surgery. Read as much as you can on the subject, know the risk, proceed with confidence, but proceed with caution as well.

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