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Triple Bypass Surgery

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Do you have blocked arteries or what is known as coronary artery disease? There are many people that suffer with this type of heart problem all over the world. When you have this disease you will have to have surgery to correct it. You will need to talk to your doctor to find out what type of bypass surgery you will need. {mosgoogle right}The type of heart surgery that you will need will depend on how many arteries are blocked. If you have only one artery that is blocked then you will more than likely have to have coronary artery bypass surgery . When you have more than one blocked artery you will need to have either a triple bypass surgery or a quadruple bypass surgery . Your doctor will be able to tell you more once they have given you some tests.

What Can You Expect When You Have Triple Bypass Surgery?

Your doctor will give you specific instructions that you will have to follow. These will be for dietary changes or activity restrictions that you need to follow to get ready for surgery. Then you will have several pre-surgery tests which will sometimes include chest x-rays, blood tests, an electrocardiogram and a coronary angiogram (this is a special type of x-ray procedure that uses dye to help doctors see your arteries better. You will probably be admitted to the hospital on the day of the surgery but that is not always the case so you want to make sure that you ask your doctor about it.

Now you need to know what to expect during the procedure. The coronary bypass surgery will usually take between three to six hours and will require a general anesthesia. The number of bypasses required will depend on the location and severity of blocked arteries in your heart.

Once you have been given the anesthesia, they will place a breathing tube through your mouth. It will be connected to a ventilator which will breathe for you during and immediately after your surgery. When you have this tube in place you will not be able to talk but you can still communicate with hand gestures and writing. The tube will be taken out when you can breathe for yourself after heart bypass surgery .

Triple Bypass SurgeryYou will spend a day or two in intensive care after the surgery. This is so they can keep a watch on your heart, blood pressure, breathing and other vital signs. If there are not complications, then you will more than likely be released from the hospital within a week. You should expect it to take about six to twelve weeks for you to recover.

When you are on the road to recovery you will want to make sure that you stay with the life changes that you made before the heart surgery. You will still be at risk for more blocked arteries in the future but when you take care of yourself and follow your doctor’s orders you will minimize the risk of a recurrence. You need to watch your diet and make sure that you get enough exercise. Other things that you will want to do are to maintain a healthy weight, stop smoking if you do, reduce cholesterol levels if you have this health concern, control your blood pressure, and manage diabetes if you have it. It is very important that you keep yourself healthy. You are the one that will be able to stop or at least delay any other blocked arteries that may occur in the future. So be smart about your health and do what the doctor tells you so that you can live a long and healthy life.

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